The epicenter of energetic security projects

SOCAR Romania is the representative of the oil and natural gas company owned by the State of Azerbaijan (The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), one of the best ranked oil companies in the world.

The Azeri state owned company, also represented in Romania, is together with the EU through their participation in key projects mean to increase Europe’s energetic security, through the diversification of natural gas resources.

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic invests billions of dollars annually in transportation’s infrastructure and is involved in European level in projects designed to increase Europe’s energy security through diversification of natural gas.

As such, Romania is one of the main points of development for 2 great projects of Azerbaijan and SOCAR: Nabucco and Agri.

The interconnector Azerbaijan – Georgia – Romania

The AGRI project’s main purpose is to increase the energetic independence of the EU through the diversification of the energetic supply sources. The projects consists of Azeri natural gas transport solutions in Romania and Central Europe through Baku (Azerbaijan) – Kulevi (Georgie) – Constanta (Romania).

The route of Azeri gas on the Turkish sector

The TANAP project came to life after the conclusion of a partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey which involved building an alternative pipeline for transport on the Turkish sector. The TANAP pipeline will stretch from Azerbaijan to the Turkish border with Bulgaria. Its initial capacity will be of 16 billion cubic meters per year: 6 billion cubic meters for Turkey and 10 billion cubic meters for the rest of Europe. The project is designed to gradually reach a capacity of 30 billion cubic meters and then 60 billion cubic meters.