For long travels and even bigger savings, SOCAR offers you special business cards, especially adapted to your needs. Both prepaid and delayed payment options are available. They can be used in all SOCAR gas stations for fueling and for buying different auto accessories. The card is also available only for fueling in partner locations.
Cards can also be used for:

– Rovignette acquisition;
– auto products acquisition;
– administration of a preset consumption of fuel;
– reducing the amount of cash needed when buying products from gas stations;
– fueling discounts;
– limiting fueling in regards to financial availabilities;
– cost control on every card;
– the possibility of transferring limits between cards.

Prepaid cards can be charged either through a payment order from the client’s bank to the SOCAR Petroleum designated bank, or in cash, at SOCAR gas stations, Monday-Friday, between 8:00-17:00.

Contact data:

Telephone: +40800876227