SOCAR Petroleum offers corporate clients more fuel card options, with real advantages for the beneficiary.

By accessing the SOCAR portal, you will be directed to Your Account, where you will find the next options:

– View contract (contractual limitations, billing days, payment deadlines, contract modifications);
– View information about cards (type of fuel, card expiration date, card limits)
– View accumulated discounts;
– View operated transactions;
– View bills (fiscal bills, bills in advance, reconciliations etc.);
– View SOCAR gas stations (address, phone number, type of fuel available, fuel prices);
– Contract limits modifications;
– Card limits modifications;

Cost associated with the card:

– Card issuance tax: 5 RON/card
– Account administration tax: 0 RON
– Card reissuance tax (in case of loss/theft): 45 RON/card


Customer identification info – Cards

Card order form